Welcome to the official website of the Canberra Musicians Club

The Canberra Musicians Club is a not-for-profit community group formed to support local original contemporary musicians. Our primary activity is presenting local music live in various locations, traditional and otherwise, around town. In so doing we have eagerly collaborated with many like-minded groups and individuals.

We seek to engender a co-operative environment in the local music scene and, through that, the broader community. Our priorities are:

  • presenting music in the the highest quality way possible
  • nurturing artists
  • the comfort, safety and entertainment of our loyal audiences
  • inclusiveness, and
  • the creation of genuine community.

Feel free to help us in our quest by: 

  • joining the club
  • coming to club events
  • volunteering to help out
  • putting on your own shows under our banner and with our help
  • finding us the perfect home (think big)
  • donating money/equipment etc
  • lobbying the government
  • publicising our cause (just telling all your mates is great).

Canberra Musicians Club Incorporated

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