Bleach it Clean

Bleach it Clean are a young grunge/punk rock band who have recently released their first album "Life's Hard In a Pizza Suit"available on bandcamp and youtube.The three ingredients in Bleach it Clean are the afro (known as Blake) on guitar, the amazing 14 year old on drums known as Liam and Gabby on bass and spectral lead vocals.
The band have become renowned for their raw punk energy, steam train arrangements, and clever songwriting which forms their tight, driving signature sound.

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers are an alternative rock band of five fifteen year old girls from a Steiner school in Canberra. The band formed in July 2015 and their tracks have been played radio stations around the world, as well as being selected for the top 15 artists in triple J unearthed High. TJJT take inspiration from the likes of the Strokes, Nirvana, Ball Park Music, Arctic Monkeys and Violent Soho. Their aim is to spice up Canberra with some 90s style alternative/grunge rock, funky beats, and some snazzy tunes.

Moaning Lisa

Formed in early 2016, Moaning Lisa is a group of under-motivated uni students finding purpose in making loud noises together. Drawing influence from the likes of The Pixies and Wolf Alice, Moaning Lisa makes tasty 90s-inspired alternative rock thick with fuzzed out guitars, driving drums and lilting harmonies.

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