FourPlay String Quartet defy convention and stereotyping. As much a band as a string quartet, they blur the boundaries between styles and genres while maintaining their own original and true sound. They joined forces with author/graphic novelist Neil Gaiman (The Sandman, Coraline) and comics artist/cartoonist Eddie Campbell (Bacchus, From Hell) on a whirlwind international tour at some of the world's greatest venues, including Carnegie Hall, The Barbican Centre in London, The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, and Usher Hall in Edinburgh. They performed an opening set and also their collaborative work The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains, which first premiered at the Graphic Festival at the Sydney Opera House. The book was released worldwide June 2015, with the e-book shortly after.

FourPlay write their own songs inspired by rock, pop, post-rock, jazz, klezmer, swing, folk-tronica, hip hop and more. They also perform covers by a diverse array of bands, from The Strokes and Radiohead to Leonard Cohen, Robert Johnson and many, many more… no musical stone is left unturned.

The foursome shot to prominence in Australia and Europe in the late 90s as a unique musical phenomenon–an indie rock band that just happened to be a string quartet. They achieved fame and (somewhat) fortune with a DIY ethos and a rather punk attitude for people who had originally met through playing in orchestras. In the time since, FourPlay have toured internationally and released four studio albums, a remix album, and a trilogy of mini CDs. They have played many of the world’s great concert halls as well as gritty rock clubs. They have composed and performed live comic book scores, collaborated on live film scores with Plaid (UK/WARP) and have completed their first album of 100% original material.

Supported by Sebastian Field.

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