Canberra – let’s face it. Our current weather is absolutely “awesome”. So let’s party!

We’re having our second ever Spring Fling, celebrating our favourite season. Our professional team of monkeys have advised that the best way to celebrate is with head-bands, good times, and kickass bands. 

On their advice, we’ve got free headbands at the door. The good times, they’ll involve a combination of yourselves, us, dumplings and beer supplied by the Polish Club. As for the bands, we’ll kick off the night with the fresh rock/pop group Betty Alto. Next up we’re super stoked to have the amazing folkies Bears With Guns… being awesome. Cap it off with local favs indie-pop band Brother Be and that should satisfy the monkey people. 

Ok, let’s do it!

Brother Be

One sunny day in Canberra, a forgotten band practice lead to Mike (singer) arriving at Alan (guitar) and Lynette’s (bass) house whilst Sam (drums) helped them clean their garage.

As musicians aren’t that great at cleaning, they decided to play music instead. What they thought would be a casual jam session developed into indie-pop band Brother Be.

Bears With Guns

Their live performance is always a highlight, with a blend of delicate acoustic ballads, screaming guitar solos, and a drive of worldly rhythms sending any audience into a frolicking frenzy.

Betty Alto

Betty Alto is an enigma, one woman made of four people, here to massage you senseless with alternative-pop along the lines of Ball Park Music and Walk The Moon. Come to Betty, and enjoy her consensual delights.

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